Thats The Reason Behind Kapil And Sunil’s Fight

By | May 16, 2018

Kapil Sharma has created enough controversy in his Air India Melbourne-Delhi-Mumbai to stay in spotlight for some time. An eye witness explained the situation in the flight in which Kapil Sharma threw a shoe at Sunil Grover because the team ate before him.

The eye witness wished to stay anonymous and explained the whole situation that happened in that 12 hour long flight. He said that Kapil has consumed an entire bottle of Glenfiddich whisky and was visibly drunk. Then the crew cabin started t serve the food, Kapil’s team started to eat the food which made Kapil to go crazy who was still finishing his drink.

kapil sunil fight

Kapil said “I haven’t started eating but you guys started eating without me?”.

Sunil Grover was quick to act and tried to calm Kapil down. Then Kapil lost control and started to hit Sunil with his shoe. He also grabbed Sunil’s collar and started to slap him repeatedly.

Kapil Sharma continued to abuse in Punjabi. Neither Kapil Sharma nor Sunil responded for an interview or to comment on the incident.

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