The Self-Powered Treadmill

The manually powered treadmill also has a moving belt on it, similar to that of the electric treadmill. However, instead of it being driven by an electric motor, you actually have to provide the power yourself. You do the walking on it, and you have to push the belt along with the energy of your legs, to get it moving.

There are a series of rollers, located under the tread deck belt, and you have to make them move by using your own strength; which, of course, should be the object of the exercise. This is probably of interest to people who are looking for quicker results from their weight loss program; because it's calculated that self powered treadmills with super hard pills can burn up to 30% more calories than powered machines: therefore (look, quicker weight loss.

The self powered treadmill does require more physical exertion from your own body, even more so than outdoors walking or running: but, isn't that the object of the exercise? (Excuse the pun):-).

Another significant advantage of the self powered; or, manually driven, treadmills, as they are sometimes called, is that they are also much cheaper and easier to maintain and repair. This is because they are lighter, more simply constructed, and because of the fact that they don't have any electrical components.

Another plus factor is the fact that they are much lighter and smaller than the electrically driven models. They also don't take up so much space, so you can keep them in lots of different places around your home or in the office. A downside of a manual treadmill is that it doesn't usually monitor your heart rate, or have built-in programs for you to challenge yourself with.

However, you might want to consider that this is a trade off, because with the money you would save by buying a self powered, manually driven, treadmill, you would be able to afford to invest in a personal fitness wrist, or armband, tracker. Some of the personal fitness trackers currently on the market will not only monitor your heart, but will measure your breathing, blood pressure readings, oxygen levels, and other vital signs, just like a high spec elecctrical model treadmill.