2nd Day Of Clashmas! ~ Christmas Update Of Clash Of Clan 2016

By | December 22, 2016

What Is 2nd Day Of Clashmas! ? in Latest COC Winter And Christmas Update ?

The Christmas update of COC or clash of clan mobile game is live. So they are giving so much updates and events this time because of Christmas festival. They are giving Hog Rider Event And 2nd Day Of Clashmas! Event in its Latest Winter Update.

So The Question is What is 1st Day Of Clashmas Event or Update? – COC Community will giving the 1st day of clashmas update for all the coc online players. This update is about the gift for the all COC players.

COC Community will give the surprise gift on the first day of clash mas event. No one knows what the gift will. So here we want some guess about This Latest 1st day of clash mas event. please give us some Suggestion of guess.


Icon of 2nd Day Of ClashMas

Icon of 2nd Day Of ClashMas


COC latest Christmas and winter update

COC latest Christmas and winter update

in above given pictures you can see the icon of 2nd day of clashmas. There will be Total 3 days of clashmas.

The first to come is the Hog Rider Event, which will probably give us reduced training times and costs for the Hog Rider.

The second one is the 1 Gem Boost for Collectors & Mines, something we see every year for Christmas time.

And finally, the big mysterious 3 presents that Supercell promised us in the Sneak Peeks – the first will be revealed in 2 days on December 21st.

I assume number two will be opened on December 23rd and then the third one on December 25th – but that’s just my feeling and is not official.

24 thoughts on “2nd Day Of Clashmas! ~ Christmas Update Of Clash Of Clan 2016

  1. Rohit

    Ok i think that this will give all the players some gems!!!!
    Thus will be the biggest update in coc
    All the players can be banned fr 3 days!!!!
    (This is not official)

  2. pack shin hye

    I think in clan who have in first 3 place they get an gems like 2000/1000/450
    Wht u have any guess

  3. Curtis Holt

    Okay, my guess is that one of the presents will be gems, another present will be bonus XP, and the last will be a new upgraded defence like the bomb tower? Maybe? Lol…

  4. Rahul

    Lol…gyes…gems r common I think something new will come…it’s like a surprise….hoooo

  5. John

    Gems you but dummy. All games are this way. However, to cut cost of walls would be excellent.

  6. Mr.Reese

    Well at least the article got the hog rider one right. Everything else was ft the mark


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